Curriculum Vitae

Selected AWARDS:        

  • Los Angeles City Cultural Affairs Dept; Cultural Exchange Int’l: research on the ceramic West Mexican     prehispanic flutes of the Crossley-Holland Collection located in Wales, UK
  • McKnight Visiting Composer’s Project Grant, Minnesota, performances & workshops
  • The Fund for U.S. Artists at International Festivals and Exhibitions: travel to Audio/Art Festival, Krakow, Poland
  • City of Los Angeles Dept. of Cultural Affairs: Artist in Communities Grants, neon didjeridu performances
  • California Arts Council: Touring Roster
  • California Arts Council: Artist in Schools and Social Institutions
  • NEA Craft Project Grant: research throughout Mexico on prehispanic musical instruments

Selected ARTIST ACTIVITIES: Making and playing ceramic wind instruments: flutes, pipes, ocarinas, whistles, trumpets,   clay-doos, sound sculptures, and more

  • Wild Music, traveling exhibition: North Carolina Museum of Science, Raleigh, NC
  • Wats:on Festival for Interdisciplinary Artists, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh; PA
  • Music in Clay, Metropolitan Museum, New York
  • Looking at Art with Artists; Music in Clay, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Music in Clay, Universities of California at Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Diego         


  • Studio exhibition, performance: SoundPedro 2017, by FLOOD;  AGCC, San Pedro, CA
  • Music in Clay, solo exhibition; Center for New Music, Window Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  • Musical Mud, American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, California    
  • Sounds Like Art, Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco
  • Ellipsis Arts, Winter Gardens, New York City, New York
  • Fa So La Brmm Bzzz Tck Sa, El Camino College, Torrance
  • Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.


  • From Mud to Music: Making and Enjoying Ceramic Musical Instruments, Baird & Hall, American Ceramic Society, Carbondale, OH, Book/CD, featured instrument builder/performer    
  • Movers & Shakers: the 40 most exciting soulful artists of 2003, Jon Spayde; Utne Arts Extra
  • Harmonic Combinations: Sound Sculptures by Susan Rawcliffe, Ceramics Monthly, Vol. 45, #8
  • Gravikords, Whirlies and Pyrophones: Ellipsis Arts, #3530, book & CD, Bart Hopkin
  • The Flutes and Sound Sculptures of Susan Rawcliffe; Experimental Musical Instruments, Vol.11#2; CD
  • I flauti precolombiani de Susan Rawcliffe, Gianluigi Gasparetti; Deep Listenings #2, Rome, Italy

   Musical performances on artist’s instruments:

  • Turquoise Yantra Grotto, San Francisco; concert with Kevin Corcoran, percussion
  • Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA: solo concert & concert with David Samas & ensemble
  • Strange Attractors: Steinburg, composer; MANY AXES with string quartet, Zipper Hall, LA
  • JUAN DARIEN, Lincoln Center, Vivian Beaumont Theater: Julie Taymor, director, Elliot Goldenthal, composer; also Off-Broadway & on tour    
  • AudioArt Festival, Krakow, Poland; Logos Foundation, Gent, Belgium; Brno, Czech Rep.; Nove Zamky, Slovokia; the Knitting Factory, NYC
  • Pipeline Festival, Podewil; Berlin, Germany; solo concert with workshops
  • Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut
  • New Langton Arts, SF, CA
  • The Magic of Music, The Music of Magic, Los Angeles Theatre Center
  • Ellipsis Arts, Winter Gardens & Knitting Factory, NYC
  • New Music America, Houston, TX
  • Cedar Cultural Center, Mpls, MN
  • performances with Don Buchla, Brad Dutz, Alex Cline, Ron George, Vinny Golia & more


  • Youtube videos, including: SeeSaw Pelota Flute; Music in Clay; Pahoehoe; Rawcliffe/Corcoran Duo; Folded Sounds: Harmonic Flutes & Clay-Doos; Large water flute; Prehispanic Roots of Clay Flutes; Sculptural Whistling Bottles; Space Kitty on Patrol; Pelota fish flute; Vandals ate my studio
  • Triangle of Need: Sean Griffin, composer; installation by Catherine Sullivan; Walker Art Center, Mpls, MN
  • 2 Many Axes, Susan Rawcliffe, Scott Wilkinson, Brad Dutz; pfMentum
  • Many Axes, as above; eponymous CD
  • Juan Darien Goldenthal, composer; Broadway show CD; Sony Classics
  • Personal Ethnic with Alex Cline, percussion
  • films, videos, including: The Good Dinosaur, flutes, composer Jeff Dana; Michael Shepard, Jeff Dana; War at Home, didjeridu & flutes, Basil Poledouris; The Island of Dr. Moreau, didjeridu, Gary Chang

RESEARCH INTO PREHISPANIC CLAY FLUTES:                                 

  • Entrancing Sounds: difference tones in prehispanic double flutes, Orient-Archäologie Band 22, Studien zur Musikarchäologie VI; Both, Eichmann, Hickmann, & Koch, Eds.; VML, Rahden/Westf. Leidorf, Germany
  • Eight West Mexican Flutes in Fowler Museum, Music Archaeology: Mesoamerica; Both & Sanchez, Eds. The World of Music, Vol. 49(2); Journal of the Department of Ethnomusicology, Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg
  • Sounding Clay: Pre-Hispanic Flutes, Orient-Archäologie Band 8, Studien zur Musikarchäologie III;  Hickmann & Eichmann, Eds. Verlag Marie Leidorf Gmbf, Rahden/Westf, Germany
  • Complex Acoustics in PreColumbian Flute Systems, published in: Musical Repercussions of 1492, published in: "Repercussions of 1492," Smithsonian Institution Press; Experimental Musical Instruments, Vol. VIII #2, cassette #VIII; National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts Journal Vol. 14                


  • The Acoustical Society of America, 141st & 144th Meetings; The Iberoamerican, & Mexican 2 & 3rd Congresses of Acoustics
  • International Study Group of Musical Archaeology, Deutsches Archaologisches Institute--Berlin, 2006 & Blankenburg, 2000, Germany
  • American Association for the Advancement of Sciences—twice
  • National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts
  • Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC; Complex Acoustics in Pre-Columbian Flutes


  • Center for Computer Research in Music & Art, Stanford University, Stanford, CA; 4 1/2 hr. workshop. “Thank you so, so much for your work on Tuesday.  I have never heard new improvisers sound so good and listen to each other so well - I give you all of the credit for that.  You really set an excellent tone for our workshop and I am so grateful.”  Sasha Leitman: Lecturer and Research Engineer, CCRMA
  • Donkey Mill Art Center, Kona, Hawaii; & Hawaii Potter’s Guild, Honolulu, Oahu; and Castle Hill Arts Center, Truro, Massachusetts; making and playing clay flutes; trumpets & didjeridus; and sound sculptures
  • University of Southern CA, Ceramics Department: making clay flutes
  • Los Angeles, Dept. of Cultural Affairs: Artist in Residence at Park Western/Harbor Math Science School, ceramics, musical instruments and performance
  • McKnight Visiting Composer’s Project Grant, Minnesota: workshops for adults and high school students in making and playing ceramic musical instruments, plus lectures, performances and radio broadcasts
  • Carnegie Mellon University & Chatham College, Pittsburgh, PA: workshops in making and playing ceramic musical instruments, plus lectures
  • Chatham College & Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, Pittsburgh, PA: Artist in Residence     
  • California State University at Dominguez Hills: Methods for teaching art & music
  • Ceramics Instructor, Visiting Artist: Pitzer College, Claremont, CA
  • California Arts Council, Artist in Schools and Social Institutions at the Exceptional Children’s Foundation: making music & musical instruments with retarded adults
  • California Institute for Men, Chino, CA: Arts in Corrections, World Music and the Didjeridu.
  • Music Center on Tour, Education Dept.: K-5 Artist-Specialist in making simple musical instruments, elementary acoustics & ceramics
  • Performing Tree, Los Angeles: K-6, Master Artist-Instructor in ceramics, making and playing simple musical instruments & children’s performances
  • Arts Alaska, Artist in Residence in Unalaska and Shungnak: workshops & inservices in music & instruments