Double Pelota Flute  played by dipping up & down. Prehispanic concept. Sold.
Double pitch jump/trumpet flutes.
  Y Flutes;  varied sizes, e.g. - 6" long X 5" X 1" H, or 5" long X 4.5" across X 1" H.  Each arm of the Y is a separate flute; blow harder & softer through the short tail while rolling your thumbs or fingers to open & close the ends of the Y. This will produce a great range of sounds & intervals from harmonics to combination tones. The lowest open interval between the two tubes has been variously tuned.
Double Space Flutes
Triple Flute Mask I
SR pythagorean flute_ Susan_s hands.jpg
A Pair of Double Flutes
Pair of double flutes
NMAI quadruple in two, back.png
  Large Triple Ocarina:  2 chambers play the pentatonic scale; using two relatively easy cross fingerings, a diatonic scale is also played; some chromatic tones are available. The 3rd chamber is a drone.
Large Double Ocarina
 This double ocarina was designed to rest on a table or stand while being played.
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