Small sculptural chamber-duct howlers: This ancient sound was probably used to call in prey,  to terrify enemies, & in death ceremonies. 

A drawing of one type of internal construction of a chamber-duct/howler is on the research page.  A recording of one of my howlers is on this page.

The two greenish vegetative chamber-duct howlers have been sold, & the white skull is unavailable. Each howler has 3 interconnected volumes inside.

Dark Skull    3"H X 2.5"W X 3"D

Small sculptural howler: blow harder & softer through the open tube on top. Roll your hand over the large opening on the bottom of the piece. Try talking, singing, barking, tonguing Ts & Gs while playing. Can you buzz your lips like a trumpet into the open tube? While singing...?


Owl man howler    3"H X 2.5"W X 2.5"D   This sculptural howler is smaller and higher in pitch than is the Dark Skull. All these howlers are played similarly.

These brick-red howlers are fairly recent creations; all play in the same manner with the same techniques as above. Each makes a wide array of sounds.