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Close Quarters: LACMA

A live music performance happening in the expansive Robert Rauschenberg visual work The 1/4 Mile at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art on May 11th.

During this one-time-only Close Quarters performance, 14 roving musicians will perform a live cross-cultural sound experience mirroring the dynamics of Rauschenberg: The 1/4 Mile.

Musicians will traverse the exhibition playing sounds inspired by pioneering 20th-century artist Robert Rauschenberg’s visual work, his field recordings, and to the other musicians and attendees they encounter along the way. 

Close Quarters revels in the unexpected moments that occur when people converge in a free-flowing, creative spirit. This spontaneous interpretation inspired by Rauschenberg’s artistic practice and the history of the happenings he helped give birth to. Through their own navigation of the space, event attendees will influence the energy of the performance.

Musicians will include: Anenon, Andres Renteria, Carlos Niño, Carlos "Tropicaza" Icaza, Dwight Trible, Evan Haros, Jamire Williams, Mia Doi Todd, Molly Lewis, Odeya Nini, SK Kakraba, Sudan Moon, Susan Rawcliffe, and Susie Kozawa.

Instruments will include: bells, bodies, didjeridu, drums, gongs, harmonium, hum bows, ocarinas, percussion, saxophone, sculptural flutes, sitar, violin, voices, whistling lips, xylophone, and more!

Performance curated by dublab's Mark “Frosty” McNeill.

For LACMA Members only: $8 each.

Earlier Event: June 2